Winnie is a Hong Kong-born, New York-based artist and filmmaker at the intersection of experimental video, commercial, non-fiction, horror, and arthouse cinema. Her work delves into the complexities of a third-culture, feminine body with a focus on colonial nostalgia, cultural artifacts, and relics of the folkloric occult within the Chinese diaspora. 

In 2019, Winnie's animated short Albatross Soup premiered at Sundance Hong Kong and went on to tour festivals internationally, winning the coveted Vimeo Animation of the Year award. Her first feature film Residency which she co-wrote, directed, shot, and co-edited, premiered at the International Film Festival Rotterdam in 2023 and is currently traveling to screenings and exhibits internationally.

Winnie is also a highly skilled film editor, with a proven ability to shift seamlessly between documentary, narrative, and impressionistic styles. In 2021, she co-edited the critically acclaimed horror documentary Woodlands Dark & Days Bewitched which won Best Documentary at the Fantasia International Film Festival and an audience award at SXSW. Currently, she is rostered at Lost Planet, a boutique editorial company led by landmark editor Hank Corwin, where she continues to push the boundaries of her craft.

Message me to chat about body horror, regenerative practices and Marshall McLuhan.


2023 NFMLA New Narratives Grant Recipient
2023 Yao Collaborative x 4A Digital Diaporas Artist in Residence
2022 Locker Room Artist in Residence
2021 SXSW Midnighters Audience Award
2019 Saatchi & Saatchi New Creators
2019 Sundance Hong Kong Award
2019 One Screen Awards: Best Animation
2019 Vimeo Animation of the Year
2019 Short of the Week “Short of the Year”
2019 Ciclope Silver: “Weird Shxt”
2017 Jerome Foundation Film & Video Fellow


Posse Leadership Fellow
Meerkat Media Collective Member
Brown Girl Doc Mafia Member
Karen Schmeer Diversity Mentee
Picture Farm Film Festival Co-Director