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Official Selection - 55th San Francisco International Film Festival
Official Selection - Inaugural Montclair Film Festival
Vimeo Staff Pick

Brothers is a short film about the modern difficulty of communicating with your family.
Two brothers embark on a road trip home for their grandmother's funeral. But on a highway rest stop, David Stern finds out no one's told his younger brother Andy – they're not headed home for Grandma Vern's birthday anymore. Now David must confront his mother and bear the bad news to Andy, as only brothers can.

Starring Daniel Fox, Ben Sloane, Susan Pasquantonio and Emily Zacharias
Writer & Director Larry Cohen
Producer Timothy Whitney
Associate Producer Jordan Newman
Director of Photography Andrew J. Whittaker
Editor Winnie Cheung
Sound Design Gregg Swiatlowski
Music Andy Chugg & Ryan Sciaino
Title Illustration J. Zachary Keenan


A directionless young man finds the love of his life, and suddenly his whole world seems to make sense, but a message from his future self warns him to stay away to avoid a lifetime of pain and misery-- will the love he's found be worth it?

Featured on Film Shortage, Creative District Sci-Fi Bloggers, Director's Notes, and io9.

2014 World Premiere at Northside Festival
2014 Official Selection New Filmmakers New York
2014 Official Selection Other Worlds Austin
2015 Official Selection The Philip K Dick Film Festival
2015 Official Selection Picture Farm Film Festival


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Lovespell is a queer teen scream about a high school girl who becomes obsessed with the image of an androgynous babe in a perfume ad. The Girl casts a love spell, bringing her crush to life in vivid hallucinations, but The Girl’s angst manifests in a nightmarish form, making her reality simultaneously a saccharine dream and a living hell. Ultimately, she must decide between her fantasy and the harshness of the real world.

Lovespell is a horror feature film that is currently in pre-production.

Selected as one of ten projects for the inaugural Shudder Labs (2016)

For more about the film, visit lovespellfilm.com